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The Daffodil Dash raises awareness and funds for Holocaust Education and for children suffering in humanitarian crises in the world today. Proceeds benefit Am Yisrael Chai!, a non profit Holocaust Education and Awareness organization, as well as the Kids for Kids, Raising South Sudan and "Agahozo Shalom", organizations helping children and families in remote villages in Darfur, South Sudan and Rwanda. 


The Daffodil Project donated goats, donkeys, blankets, mosquito nets, donkey ambulances, health services including immunization services and the training of first aid workers, to children and families in Darfur, Sudan.

We donated funds towards the building of a school in South Sudan, and to a Village in Rwanda that supports orphans and vulnerable youth. 

We also donated funds to the Atlanta Holocaust Survivor Fund that supports the needs of aging Holocaust Survivors with medical and dental bills, home care and other needs.


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