The Daffodil Dash 2017


Thank you to our Sponsors

Diamond Daffodil Sponsor:


  Golden Daffodil Sponsors:


Searle and Renee Videlefsky

The Michalow Family


      Field of Daffodils Sponsor:    


   Meadow of Daffodils Sponsors: 


    Bed of Daffodils Sponsors: 


Abe and Marlene Besser

Andrea and Neill Videlefsky 

Nadine Becker and Daniel Shapiro          




    Border of Daffodils Sponsor:














    Vase of Daffodils Sponsors: 


  Scanpan Cookware 

  Robyn and Allan Regenbaum


Crema Cafe

Manning and Nozick Insurance

Josh Videlefsky

Homevestors - Stacey and Ari Kowalsky



    Bouquet of Daffodils Sponsor:


  Lisa and Seth Greenberg



    Bunch of Daffodils Sponsor:


Mike and Linda Weinroth


    Music Sponsor:





      Food Sponsor:






   Awards, Prizes, In-kind sponsors:









         Trader Joes

         Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service



    Two Men and a Truck









Thank you so much for your sponsorship of The Daffodil Dash

Click on one of the buttons below to sponsor this year's race

$10,000      5400 Daffodils

$7,500      3600 Daffodils

$5,000      1800 Daffodils

$3,600      1000 Daffodils

$1,800      600 Daffodils

$1,000      300 Daffodils

$540         150 Daffodils

$360         100 Daffodils

$180         50 Daffodils

$100         25 Daffodils  

$54            12 Daffodils

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